The Art Lab - an art escape in Gaborone

A creative art studio in phase 2, Gaborone open for private and online art tutorials in collaboration with independent freelance artists on a rent a slot for a session basis.

#TheArtLab provides downtime process creative art to people of all ages. The lab focuses more on the process of creating art than on the end result. It is about immersing yourself in the journey, exploring your creativity and communicating your feelings using canvas. The tutorials are meant to be fun and therapeutic while unleashing your inner Picasso. The sessions are custom designed to fit the requirements of the client. So far, the lab accommodates a maximum of 4 clients at a time, to achieve absolute serenity. For large groups, a client's preferred venue can be arranged.

A session runs for 2 hours with a standard complimentary drink and cheese board. The Art Lab provides a calming environment with aroma candle soothing music and white noise sounds lingering at low volume to ease you into relaxation mode which is also felt during online tutorial sessions.

the last meal

Till we meet again Rockston Island..

Our last meal on the island. After so many days, five.. days on the Tsutsubega island everyone had set their mind to packing up their pop up stalls and going back home, a task that had began at dawn for most. We all thought we would have vacated the 'Rockston island' by noon but transport logistics was rather a challenge. Rockston is one of the three islands situated in Tsutsubega, 20km from Maun on the floodplains of the Okavango Delta. Some vendors had to ferry equipment to the village side by mokoro (canoe).

By 2pm most of us were famished. Let's just say if were to name this dish i would call it 'Setho'. A meal prepared with love by the blessed hands of KwaGaNcici team with their leftover rice, game patty from Okavango Game Burgers and water from Acquarite. As for the pan, well the OK Festival had a zero waste policy with respect to food and drink served there.They asked everyone to bring theeir own travel cups/plates and ours were packed already! Batswana ba Botho ebile ba lorato. We all sat under the Mophane tree eating our delectable makeshift dish.

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Aviation enthusiasts get up close with the antonov

The "Flying Van" kisses the pan waters

Dubbed 'the flying van' by aviation enthusiasts because of its weight and age, the Antonov AN-2 was the oldest of the 110 aircrafts at the 2017 3rd Race for Rhinos event in Sowa Pan, Botswana. Prior to this event it was parked for 17 years, starting it's engines only in 2015. Botswana is leading the world in sustainable conservation and tourism, with this dedication it is also the only country in the world with an increasing population of rhinos. According to Botswana Tourism Organisation it was only befitting to host a prestigious event combining aviation and conservation to celebrate rhino existance and to beat extinction. At this year, 2018 Race for Rhinos event, Botswana's mission was to attain a new world record in hosting a race of more than 120 light aircrafts.

The Antonov performed stunts for spectators flying very close to their marquee and skidding over the water a couple of times. Hats flew and uproar of laughter and applause filled the air, a truly magical site! Race for Rhinos is an annual event by The Tlhokomela Trust, BTO, Botswana Civil Aviation Authority and the Matsieng Flying Club.